Picture of Wedding


Choose the right table decoration to set the tone for the room for that particular day. From mini-vases, to large rose bouquets, crystal racks, and flower wreaths, we have the most to offer.

Whether you want a traditional decoration, modern and minimalist decoration, or simply just want to impress your guests with glitter and glam, we have almost everything you can think of. Our decorators have years of experience of being able to see the interaction of colors and texture to set the right tone in the room.

Picture of Sound & Light

Sound & Light

Our sound and light technicians operate in plain sight to ensure that sound and light go smoothly on this special day. They have great experience with a variety of types of events, and will adapt both sound and light to every occasion. Should there be special requests to support the event program, or simply create an exciting effect, this is something our technicians can seamlessly perform.



Picture of Projector


If you want to showcase pictures, videos, or just run fun competitions on the big screen, we can offer display with projector. We currently have two projectors that can be easily connected with HDMI. We also have HDMI adapters for Micro-USB, USB-C, and VGA.

Picture of Scenedekorasjon


We offer a variety of of stage decorations. You will be involved in the process from start to finish in the selection of stage layouts. We offer packages on pre-set stage decoration, but all our components can be assembled in different ways according to your preferences.

Stage decorations include:

  • Stage setup
  • Background
  • Floral decorations
  • Light
  • Fabric in many varieties
  • Carpet
  • Etc.

Picture of Stoldekorasjon


Ønsker du å sette samme preg på stolene som den vakre borddekorasjonen du har valgt ut, tilbyr vi en rekke dekorasjoner av stoler. Delvis eller heldekket, med eller uten bånd. Stoldekorasjonen vil være et perfekt kompliment til den flotte borddekorasjonen du har valgt for den store begivenheten.